Easy Facility Management

All In One Digital Tool

How it works

easy and efficient facility management

Detailed insights into equipment use data and exerciser traffic patterns. Simply connect your cardio equipment and sign up to get started.

Customize Your Consoles

Cohesive Experience For Your Members.

Seamless software updates and facility-wide product settings allow you to customize consoles and create a cohesive brand experience for your exercisers.

Seamless & Easy

Schedule Service

Reduce downtime with the ability to contact service technicians directly from Halo. Scheduling a service visit can be done easily at Halo.Fitness. The Request a Technician feature lets you select the equipment that needs to be serviced, explain the issue and the schedule a time for technician to visit your facility.

Upgrade For More

Halo Premium

Create your own unique facility experiences and reach your members with a branded app, workout programming and workout tracking.