Curate a wellness experience

Hospitality Solutions

Enhancing The Guest Experience

Going Beyond the Fitness Center

Appeal to Wellness Travelers

The growing popularity of wellness tourism provides a golden opportunity for the hospitality industry. Life Fitness will curate a wellness experience that expands past your fitness center to all areas of your property. Think of us as your fitness & wellness concierge.

Facility design & Layout

Create a Space that Inspires

The vibe of your fitness area should never be an afterthought. Premium design and high style make it part of the property to show off. Life Fitness will design a space that help your guests stay inspired, no matter the size of your space.

Enhance the experience

Have what guests want

Fitness products and brands travel with their customers. As routines become a daily lifestyle for many, products and brands follow guests on their travels to help them continue these routines wherever they go.


Meet guests at any level in their fitness journey

Life Fitness provides the perfect mix of equipment to keep guests happy and engaged. With the largest portfolio of products in the fitness industry, we meet your guests at any level in their fitness journey, all while complying with your brand standards.

Connectivity & Content

Provide a Platform to Engage

Fitness apps, wearables and evolving digital technology enhance the exerciser experience. Workout tracking, on-demand training, and daily workout suggestions are important to guests who want to continue their wellness journey throughout their stay.