Alternative motion cross-trainers

Scientifically tested

Reliability & Comfort

This non-impact cross-trainer follows an Arc pattern that engages muscles in the same way they are used while running. Scientifically tested to be gentler on your joints than walking, the Arc Trainer reduces knee stress while increasing glute and hamstring engagement.

Ease of Use

For Exercisers of All Fitness Levels

Life Fitness Arc Trainers are fixtures in clubs and athletic facilities around the world. The high power capacity of the Arc makes it ideal for training lower body strength in exercisers who cannot perform more traditional movements. And for those looking to lose weight, research has shown that the Arc is capable of burning 9-16% more calories than competitive machines.

Key Features

Burn 9-16% More Calories

1200+ Watts of Power

   Small Footprint

   Adaptive Power

   6″ Step up Height

Which Arc is Right for you?

Arc Trainers for every budget and exerciser’s needs.

Life Fitness

Lower Body Arc Trainer

  • Fixed handles make this product ideal for intense training
  • 21 incline levels, exercisers can choose the type of workout they want and work different muscle groups


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Life Fitness

Total-Body Arc Trainer

  • Moving arms with multigrip handles provide users with a total-body workout
  • 21 incline levels to allow for a glide, stride or climb movement
  • Easy rear entry for deconditioned or rehabilitation users. 100 resistance levels

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Life Fitness

Activate Series Treadmill

  • Designed for both exercise rookie and workout regulars
  • Intuitive LED console
  • Designed as an interval, strength and power training tool

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