Cable Motion Strength Equipment

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Life Fitness


  • 14 different machines provide nearly limitless options for cable training
  • Each station offers plenty of workout variety while maximizing valuable training space
  • Can be easily combined with each other or connected to a SYNRGY360 system to add even more versatility
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Life Fitness


  • Combines trusted cable stations with a system that also accommodates bodyweight training, suspension training and accessory storage
  • A nearly limitless variety of configurations that fit seamlessly in dedicated spaces with SYNRGY90 and SYNRGY360
  • Lets trainers drive client engagement with countless exercise possibilities
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Life Fitness

Signature Series

  • Provides facilities a consistent look and feel with its unique inviting aesthetics
  • 8 cable motion machines reflect the design of Insignia Series strength equipment and SYNRGY360 small group training systems
  • Offers multi-dimensional strength training and user-defined paths of motion for effective strength training that builds balance and stability
  • Single stations and multi-use equipment offer nearly infinite training choices with enough variety to appeal to exercisers of all fitness levels
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Pulley Machines


Limitless Exercises

Cable Motion strength equipment provides users with an opportunity to work their bodies from different angles, offering countless exercises that allow for eccentric and isometric training.

Ease of Use

For Exercisers of All Fitness Levels

Strength machines with pulleys and cables allow users to lift weights from a comfortable position. These machines also let users independently adjust weights to support a variety of arm, leg, back, abdominal and core muscle exercises.

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